Arusha Innovation Summit

Arusha Innovation Summit is a national innovation forum that brings together various innovation stakeholders in Tanzania and the world at large. The involved stakeholders including innovators, policy makers, funders, researchers, business owners, public and private organizations, other players in the innovation ecosystem and the community at large.
Arusha Innovation Challenge is a platform for youth innovators in Tanzania to showcase their innovations while being exposed to a competing environment, but also a platform wher the youth come together for various activities as well, like Innovation Presentations, Discussions with stakeholders, Youth innovation competitions and Exhibitions

The Competition

Arusha youth Innovation Challenge is a platform for youth innovators in Tanzania to showcase their innovations while being exposed to a competing environment. The competition is open to all youth in Tanzania from the age of 17 to 30. This competition will accommodate two groups of innovations,

  1. ICT Innovations
  2. Social and Business Innovations.

The Process

Competition process will be both online and physical. At the end of the competition’s winners will be awarded prizes, certificates and all competition participants will receive a short business skills training and mentorship from IAA Business Startup Center. In this competition women and people with disabilities are highly encouraged to participate.

The Requirements

  1. Interested youth are required to apply by filling the form in the provided link.
  2. Applicants for the Youth Innovation challenge should be within 17 to 30 years old, And for the Young Innovation challenge applicants should be Primary and Secondary school students
  3. The application should clearly show the applicant’s full name, email, mobile phone number, occupation, description of the project, and why they want to participate.
  4. Participants can choose one category between ICT innovations, or social & business innovations.
  5. Participants will be required to pre-present their projects by submitting a video showcase or explanation of their projects before the summit on November 04-10 2021
  6. Applicants can work individually or in groups. Group participation is highly encouraged (each member needs to justify reasons for being in the group)
  7. Participants will be required to present and demonstrate their solution at the Arusha Innovation Summit 2021 on December 03rd 2021
  8. The presentations and solutions will be judged by a group of judges from the industry
  9. Competitors will be judged based on their innovations, creativity, presentation skills, project management skills, team work skills, time management, smartness and any other criteria as seen by the judges.
  10. Participants should pay an application fee of 10,000/= for Youth Innovation challenge and 5,000/= for young Innovation challenge through IAA control number and submit a confirmation message to +255752640128
  11. Innovators with the best three solutions will be awarded memorable prizes. 
  12. Application deadline is 05th November, 2021. 
  13. Accepted applicants will be informed by 06 November, 2021.

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