Arusha Innovation Summit

"Fostering Innvoation and creativity in Mid-Income Tanzania"

Arusha Innovation Summit is a national innovation forum that brings together various innovation stakeholders in Tanzania and the world at large. The involved stakeholders including innovators, policy makers, funders, researchers, business owners, public and private organizations, other players in the innovation ecosystem and the community at large.


  • Main competition - Arusha Innovation Challenge Competition
    • ICT Innovations. (3 Winners)
    • Social and business Innovations. (3Winners)
  • Small competition
    • Exhibition (1 winner)
    • Instagram page contents (1 winner)

For More Details Reach out to Us:
+255(0)759 334 659, +255(0)752 640 128


  • Innovation inspiration talks / presentations / panel discussions.

  • Innovation competitions (Arusha Innovation Challenge).

  • Youth Innovation exhibitions.

  • Organization exhibitions.

For More Details Reach out to Us:
+255(0)759 334 659, +255(0)752 640 128

Main Competition

Arusha Innovation Challenge Competition (3 Winners)

Arusha Innovation Challenge is a platform for youth innovator in Tanzania to showcase their innovations while being exposed to a competing environment.


Competition categories


At the end of the competition’s winners will be awarded prizes, certificates and all competition participants will receive a short business skills training and mentorship from IBSUC. In this competition women and people with disabilities are highly encouraged to participate.

Small Competition

Instagram page contents (1 Winner)

This is open to any female youth, what you have to do is apply to take part through available link and share your Instagram page link.

Competing Criteria

  1. A person with the best contents
  2. Number of followers

Small Competition

Exhibition (1 Winner)

Qualifying contestants will be invited to exhibit their products and services, they will also be exposed to a competition.

Competing Criteria

  1. Quality of presented work
  2. Explanation of the exhibit
  3. Arrangement and Appearance

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